I often like to compare the fashion industry with marketing and advertising.  While style in fashion helps define an individual’s outward appearance, marketing style helps define your brand to your target market.

Both types of style rely on the current trends, the latest fads and timeless classics to let the rest of the world see what makes you (or your brand) unique.  Every spring, we hear about the latest fashion trends and everyone is excited to be seen in the latest designs or the newest hairstyle.  But, as these fads fade through the summer, these trendsetters need to be ready to adapt in order to stay in style.

The same can be said for marketing.  If you consider your brand to be innovative and trailblazing, you may want to consider a marketing style that uses the latest and greatest techniques and technologies.  But, in order to keep your brand fresh, you must be willing to modify your campaigns to meet the demands of the newest marketing trends.

At the other end of the spectrum, the fashion world has its timeless classics.  These designs never seem to go out of style and they are always appropriate and far reaching (think little black dress).  These designs, while conservative, are always effective at portraying someone who is confident and elegant.Marketing Style LBD

If you want your brand to be viewed as classic and luxurious, your marketing style might follow a more traditional approach.  One that does not have to change with each new trend and can stand the test of time.  A style that uses a strategy with a proven track record and allows you to show off the confidence you have in your brand.

In the end, it is important to choose an agency and a marketing style that reflects and reinforces your distinct style.  Anything less will come off as unnatural and ill fitting.

Danielle Deramo, Brand & Strategy Director JSI