Coming to a swift resolution when (t)error strikes can minimize collateral damage and build confidence in the client-vendor relationship.  After all, it is easy to be a joy to work with when everything is going well.  But how you act – or react- when things go wrong speaks volumes.  This is when it pays to work with ‘the professionals’.  They’re not always the least expensive vendor, but they are the ones you want to be with in the trenches.  Because they’ll work right by your side to dig you out; without assigning blame, judging, or complaining.

A swift chain of events unfolded today when an error was discovered during the live proof stage of a direct mail campaign. Within a 15 minute time frame the situation was completely resolved with client notification,  files corrected, revised proof launch, and final approval.  

Choose  responsive business partners so you can get things right when (t)error strikes!